What is Mobile Engagement?

Mobile devices have become commonplace, creating opportunities for organizations to engage with their audiences in real-time. Using our platform, organizations can reach their audiences with relevant messages across channels like SMS, MMS, in-app, push, inbox, and mobile wallets, to engage with them at just the right moment and build lasting relationships that result in successful outcomes.

Meaningful Customer Interactions

Reach your audiences wherever they are with the mobile engagement platform designed to enrich your brand’s mobile experience. Leverage our team of industry experts and digital consultants to improve acquisition, engagement, and retention, and build your best-in-class mobile strategy today.



Meet people where they are – on their devices – by delivering thoughtful experiences across text, app, and mobile wallet.

Icon Customer Experience


Deliver impactful, personalized messages that resonate with your unique audiences to drive more engagement and, ultimately, conversions.

Next-Best Action

Go beyond personalization to deliver the next-best-action for your audiences with meaningful, engaging experiences tailored for each individual’s journey.


Create Mobile Moments that Matter

Take the guesswork out of your mobile engagement strategy and deliver tailored messages to engage with your audience. With Upland Mobile Engagement, organizations have the flexibility to deliver personalized mobile messages in the moments that matter most. Whether you engage via text, mobile apps, or mobile wallets, or embrace multiple communications, our solutions are designed to grow with you.


Harness the power of text. 98% of SMS messages sent are read, and the average response time is merely 90 seconds. Use one of the most personal, direct mobile channels to engage with your audience. Send and receive text, pictures, and video formats on an easy-to-use platform that integrates with virtually any existing martech ecosystem.


Build deeper connections with your customers through your mobile app. Craft personalized marketing campaigns through rich audience segmentation, behaviorally-triggered messages, and location-based messaging. Detailed analytics and digital intelligence help you orchestrate campaigns for push, in-app, app inbox, and remarketing for a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.


Increase promotion redemptions that you send over email, text, social media, your app, and more by making it more convenient for your audiences to clip your offers and store them digitally via Apple Pay or Google Pay. Build appealing and flexible mobile wallet campaigns that reside within your customers’ native mobile wallets and realize higher acquisition, engagement, and retention rates.

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