Insurance Enrollment

Increase insurance enrollment with Upland Mobile Messaging

Text messaging is the most effective way to educate people about health insurance. With text messaging, you can keep uninsured populations informed about the changes to healthcare coverage and drive their enrollment in the new plans.

Upland Mobile Messaging’s out-of-the-box text messaging solution to educate the uninsured about the new health insurance marketplaces and drive enrollment. By sending information to people in a way that is easy for them to digest, on the device they have in their pocket, you can provide them insight into the health care system, and the education and information they need to sign up.

How It Works

Text messaging is the best way to reach, educate, and enroll the uninsured population about healthcare coverage.

icon with a monitor and sign up call to action


Broadcast your mobile CTA and get people to sign up to learn about health insurance via text messaging

mobile phone with text bubble showing doctor stethescope


Send text messages about open enrollment deadlines and insurance options

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Help consumers successfully enroll in health insurance

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How To Reach, Educate, and Enroll the 48 Million Uninsured with Text from Upland Mobile Messaging

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