Inform and Educate Your Citizens


Text messaging is widely used across all demographics today, and mobile campaigns can help you reach and inform your community. Whether you’re targeting young adults, new mothers, or unemployed residents, Upland Mobile Messaging has the tools and expertise to help you communicate important information and keep citizens informed about local news.

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Remind Voters to Register and Vote (Get Out The Vote – GOTV)

Text messaging can be a powerful tool to motivate voters to get registered and head to the polls on election day. Upland Mobile Messaging makes it possible to reach more people and encourage them to take part in civic life. You can inform residents about current issues and voting laws, guide individuals through the voter registration process, and even direct voters to their designated polling places.

Drive Enrollment in Health Insurance

Text messaging can be a highly effective way to reach, educate, and enroll citizens in health insurance. Text message reminders can help promote open enrollment deadlines, direct people to the closest enrollment center, target underserved populations, and provide information that helps people navigate insurance exchanges.

Distribute Urgent Messages

When time matters, Upland Mobile Messaging helps you maximize the speed and reach of your message. Create customized alerts and send targeted action plans that help you get the right information to the right people, so they can be informed and involved as quickly as possible.

Meet Our Client Partners

Government organizations are already harnessing the power of Upland Mobile Messaging to connect with their constituents. Here are a few of them.


Citizen Engagement White Paper

Learn how Upland Mobile Messaging’s text message platform can reach everyone, everywhere, to inspire action.

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White Paper: Citizen Engagement