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Text messaging is the most effective way to reach your audience and provide vital health resources that encourage medication adherence and improve behavior change. Our HIPAA-compliant platform is tailored to help you launch a successful mobile health campaign and achieve the outcomes you want.

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Remind Patients of Appointments and Prescriptions

Text message reminders are a simple and effective way to reduce no-show rates and address medication non-adherence. Upland Mobile Messaging lets you deliver efficient and cost-effective reminders about upcoming appointments and even reschedule canceled appointments over text. Make it easy for patients to remember medication amounts and times via simple texts at the exact time of each dosage.

Encourage Healthy Living Habits

Text message campaigns can help motivate healthier habits, including exercise, healthy eating, and smoking cessation. Send messages of encouragement with personalized content timed to each individual’s needs and responses. Track moods and craving levels over time and send responses that provide additional support and guidance.

Drive Enrollment in Health Insurance

Text messaging can be a highly effective way to reach, educate, and enroll consumers in health insurance. Text message reminders can help promote open enrollment deadlines, direct people to the closest enrollment center, target underserved populations, and provide information that helps people navigate insurance exchanges.

Distribute Urgent Messages

When time matters, Upland Mobile Messaging helps you maximize the speed and reach of your message. You can customize emergency alerts and send targeted action plans that help you get the right information to the right people, so they can get involved as quickly as possible.

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Hundreds of healthcare organizations are already harnessing the power of Upland Mobile Messaging to connect with their clients. Here are a few of them.


Text Messaging for Patient Engagement

Learn why text messaging is the best way for healthcare providers to communicate and interact with patients about their personal wellness.

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