10 Tips for Effective Mobile Campaigns

Last week, Upland CXM trekked up to the Windy City to attend Digital Summit Chicago 2019 and provide insights into effective mobile messaging. Our session, “You’ve Got Text! Optimize Mobile Messaging in Your Marketing Strategy,” discussed the best ways to create and execute high-performing mobile campaigns.

Here are ten of the top tips from our talk:

1) Before you create your campaign, first define your target audience.

To connect with your audience, you have to know your audience. Your target audience will shape your campaign’s messaging, tone, and call-to-action, so define this before you get to work on the rest of your campaign.

2) Create a clear, concise message as part of a conversation.

Texts have 4x the click-through rate as email, but to really reap the benefits of SMS engagement, you must convey a clear message in 160 characters.

3) Use special characters with care.

For some audiences, special characters like emojis may help you increase engagement. However, they will also limit the character count of each SMS message, unless you send longform or multi-part messages.

4) Ensure your mobile campaigns are compliant!

Your mobile campaigns must comply with CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines. The CTIA regulates the content of text messaging, while the TCPA (among other things) requires you to obtain the consent of your mobile messaging audience before you can send to them.

5) Create an opt-in call-to-action that gives people a reason to opt in.

Opt-in calls-to-action (CTAs) are the first step in your mobile audience’s journey, so it’s important to get this step right. Make sure your CTAs 1) tell your audience what to expect when they text into your campaign, and 2) tell them exactly how to do so.

6) Spread the word: get your opt-in CTA in front of your audience.

Your audience can’t opt into your campaign if they don’t know about it, so don’t hide it! Make your call-to-action bold and easy to read. Include it on all your promotional materials (and, if applicable, on your site) for the most impact!

7) Automate your mobile campaigns.

Automation can improve both the efficiency and efficacy of your mobile campaigns. Not only will it save you time; it will also ensure that users receive your messaging promptly. To get the most from your mobile messaging, work with a partner that can help you automate your campaigns.

8) Boost your automated mobile messaging campaigns with multi-message workflows.

When you have your audience’s permission to text them, you don’t have to limit your outreach to a single message. Plan out and create conversational workflows to target your audience with further messaging based on their user data or behavior, ensuring your audience always receives the most relevant messaging.

9) Stay up on mobile messaging trends.

Mobile messaging has evolved far beyond 160 characters, and incorporating these recent mobile developments into your campaigns will pay off. For instance, Mobile Wallet functionality allows marketers to send coupons & other offers via mobile wallet passes for easy redemption in-store/at-event, while Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging enables the creation of app-like experiences in the mobile messaging inbox.

10) Coordinate your text campaigns with marketing efforts in other channels.

Don’t use text as a replacement for your current channels; use it as an additional channel to complement your other communication. Multichannel marketing campaigns allow you to communicate with customers on the channel they prefer, ensuring you provide your audience with an optimal customer experience.

To learn more about how to create engaging multichannel experiences, explore Upland’s CXM solutions.

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