Activating 1-to-1 Customer Service Relationships With Mobile Webinar Posted

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Organizations like the National Dating Abuse Helpline (NDAH) and have found overwhelming success using mobile to connect with their constituents. This success stems from the fact that mobile establishes a direct, 1-to-1 connection with the end user, as opposed to a more impersonal, 1-to-many interaction.

Brands and agencies should take note, as this same line of thinking applies to consumer-focused, customer service communication. Drawing on best practices from organizations like NDAH and, for-profit corporations can learn to modernize customer service communication and retain lasting customer satisfaction.

Viewers of this 30-minute presentation walk away understanding what type of mobile communication produces 1-to-1 customer relationships, as well as the process for monetizing these best practices. The webinar covers:

  1. The tenets of customer service
  2. How mobile plays in a customer service world
  3. The limitations of current digital service offerings
  4. NDAH and’s innovative approach
  5. Current corporate use cases and tactics
  6. Key opportunities and takeaways

Like every webinar from Waterfall’s Industry Insights series, Activating 1-to-1 Customer Service Relationships showcases case studies, best practices and actionable next steps to provide businesses the tools to deploy mobile most effectively.

View the presentation below, on Waterfall’s webinar archive or download the presentation slides directly. Any questions, please let us know by posting to the comments.

We’d also encourage you to join our next webinar, set for Tuesday October 15 at 10:00AM PT: Social Action Mobile Marketing. We’re going to analyze how social action companies can use mobile to build an effective and engaged community.

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