Are Mobile Wallets the Future of Marketing Campaigns?

One of the biggest struggles a marketer faces is converting in-store window shoppers into paying customers through point-of-sale marketing materials, eye-catching packaging and coupon offers. With the rise of mobile wallets, there is a massive opportunity to make that struggle a little easier.

Why consumers love mobile wallets

Convenient, pre-installed apps on mobile devices make mobile wallets easy to adopt. Over 63% of smartphone users have used a mobile wallet pass. There is little effort that is required of a mobile wallet user. With one click, a user can add a pass to a wallet and keep all brand passes in one place.

There’s also a strong level of trust, as wallets are backed by major organizations, Apple and Google. With these household names comes trust that there are payment-grade security features free of spam, fraud and phishing scams.

Bridging the gap between in-store and online user experiences

These mobile payment tools offer more than easy checkout procedures for consumers. 57% of all consumers are interested in having points, rewards, offers, and coupons in a mobile wallet.  This offers marketers a single place to house a cohesive brand experience. Marketing campaigns no longer need to be in-store or online, they can be both with the use of wallets.

Think location and time triggers that provide a pop-up coupon, sale alerts or the delivery of new content when a consumer enters a specific store using geofence technology. The old days of emailing coupons and hoping someone opens, clicks, downloads and then goes to the store to redeem with no real way to track conversion becomes obsolete.

This is just one example of how mobile wallets can bridge the marketing gap between in store and online consumer experiences.

Does this mean more or less work for marketers?

Mobile wallets mean smarter, more efficient work for marketers. While there is always a learning curve with new technology and time needed to create new components for campaigns, marketers are saving time and energy in the grand scheme.

Marketing campaigns for wallets are dynamic and measurable. Tracking this data (such as additions, views, interactions, redemptions and more), coupled with the ability to tag events and customer segmentations, allows marketers crystal clear insight into what is working for which customers and what isn’t.

And because of the fluid, real-time nature that digital marketing allows in general, there are endless opportunities to push content refreshes in the background. Upland Mobile Messaging offers a managed service for Mobile Wallet and works with your team to ensure there is the right pass strategy and timely updated campaigns to drive positive outcomes.

In short, mobile wallets are absolutely the future of marketing campaigns. 64% of the 195 million smartphone users are employing their wallets today, and that number is expected to grow. Marketers can be on the forefront of this movement by immediately implementing mobile wallet strategy into their consumer marketing campaigns.

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