Busting Through the Silos with Mobile Messaging

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Upland Admin

Last week, the Mobile Marketing Association, Waterfall’s Matt Silk and Vibes’ Bruce Hershey held an engaging webinar, Busting Through the Silos: Mobile Messaging in A Cross-channel World.

The primary focus of the webinar was on the value of mobile messaging and its role in creating a true cross-channel experience. Hundreds of participants learned why mobile messaging is a critical channel for increasing customer engagement, purchases and loyalty.

Brands are trying to figure out how to communicate in a cross-channel fashion, but leveraging emerging channels in an effective way still escapes many companies.This webinar is a great starting point to launch a brand down their cross-channel journey,” said Matt Silk, Head of Strategy at Waterfall.

After attending the webinar, marketers and entrepreneurs left with a clear understanding of how to use SMS/MMS in their marketing campaigns, effective strategies for building mobile subscriber lists, and tactics for creating CRM-based marketing. If you missed this webinar, you’re in luck. Please click below for a recording of the webinar and reach out with any questions.

click here to watch the webinar//

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