Everytown for Gun Safety Finds that Text Messages Are 3x More Effective than Emails for Driving Advocacy Phone Calls

Everytown for Gun Safety has been leading the fight for common sense gun legislation for three years. In the process, they have rallied millions of concerned citizens to their cause.

When gun safety issues arise, Everytown launches massive call-in campaigns to give their supporters a voice. Last July, Everytown and Moms Demand Action drove almost 200,000 phone calls around the #NoBillNoBreak sit-in. When a law in Georgia threatened to allow guns on campus, Everytown fought back with petitions and a call-in campaign.

SMS Is the Most Effective Way to Drive Advocacy Phone Calls

When they want to rally their members to speak up, Everytown reaches out across all their platforms. They send out SMS messages to their mobile list, and also promote their call-in campaigns via email, Facebook, Twitter, at in-person events (signage & shout outs), in press releases, op-eds, and more.

Across all these platforms, the data-minded folks at Everytown have found that SMS is the most effective way to drive advocacy phone calls.


  • Response rates for SMS messages are estimated to be 10-20 times that of emails for Everytown’s list
  • When you factor in costs, SMS is 3x more effective than emails at generating phone calls

Their results have led to an organization-wide commitment to building their mobile list.

What Your Organization Can Learn from Everytown

Advocacy phone calls are a powerful way to give a voice to your supporters and move the political needle. A recent article in the New York Times said that phone calls to legislators have far more impact than emails or social media.

Call-in campaigns can be quickly promoted to your mobile list, and then spread across all your other outreach platforms.

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