How SMS Can Improve Students’ Study Habits

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Text messaging is a great tool for helping students adhere to their studying goals. Here are three ways that SMS can keep students stay on track with their study plans and achieve their test day goals.

  1. Remind and motivate students to stick to their study plan
    The most difficult part about studying for an exam is sticking to a study plan. Without frequent reminders, it can be easy for students to get distracted and fall behind. Send out a motivational text message when it’s time for a student to hit the books. You can also include their assignment to help them get started.Say, for instance, a student’s study goal is reading 100 pages for the week. When they meet their goal, they can send you a text message. In turn, send out a congratulatory message while also tracking how far down the path they have come.
  2. Send out daily problems and study tips
    Most people check their phones on an hourly basis. Take advantage of how connected people are to their phones by sending out “pop quizzes.” Text out a daily study tip, vocabulary word, or interactive problem to test their knowledge and keep them engaged. You can also use text messaging to remind students of best practices for study habits.Don’t be afraid to get creative and be supportive with your messages! Studying is hard work, and students respond well to positive encouragement that makes them feel like they’re tackling their goals side by side with their tutors.
  3. Prepare students for test day with reminders and location information
    After all that hard work, your student is finally ready to take the test. In addition to helping them prepare mentally, you can ensure that physically they’re in the right place at the right time.Send a text message the day before the test guaranteeing that they have a way to get to the test center. You can also text them the center’s location and directions via public transit. And finally, make sure that they’re bringing with them everything that they might need, including pencils, their ID, and snacks.

These are just a few examples of how text messaging can help students better prepare for their exams. Not only does text messaging help students form better study habits, but it also helps curb test-taking anxiety by reassuring students that no matter where they are in their studying, a helpful tip or boost of encouragement is only a text message away.

To find out more about how to use text messaging to communicate with your students, please contact us.

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