How to Build a Killer Mobile Database

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iMedia Connection

This article from iMedia Connection offers a general marketing check list for considering mobile. How to Build a Killer Mobile Database is a good beginning guide when considering creating a mobile marketing channel, however, the article indicates “marketers should not expect this new platform to change their business dramatically or anytime soon.” This seems contrary to the many major brands and interactive agencies integrating mobile into their marketing strategy

Mobile Opportunities
Every year is the “year of mobile.” There have been expectations from the outset for this advertising platform to revolutionize the industry, and if mastered, marketers could tag along with consumers everywhere. While mobile marketing has not had a breakthrough yet, there are enough statistics and predictions circulating within the industry to keep experts forecasting its probable success — year after year. The most appetizing is the continued increase of usage and penetration rates. If mobile advertising has its big break within the next two years, as many predictions forecast, it is time for marketers to begin bulking up their mobile databases right now.

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