The ONE Campaign Uses Mobile Messaging to Drive Twitter Activism

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photoCreating a groundswell of Twitter support can be a powerful way for an organization to make its voice heard. After all, more and more people use Twitter to get their news, and mainsteam media often source opinions and insights directly from people’s tweets. But how do you get your supporters to tweet with enough volume so that your issue is actually noticed?

The ONE Campaign used mobile messaging to drive their constituents to tweet and take over the online conversation. Before the latest GOP debate, CNN asked anybody with a good question to tweet using the hashtag #GOPDebateQs. ONE saw an opportunity to raise their issue of global poverty on the national stage.

ONE sent out a mobile message to their subscriber list, asking them to speak out. They included a link to a pre-populated tweet that read:

“.@CNNPolitics: I want to hear about the candidates’ plans to fight global poverty. Ask them the question #GOPDebateQs #ONEVote16.”

Subscribers just had to click the link from their phones to spawn the tweet. As a result, 66% of CNN’s official GOP hashtag came from the ONE Campaign’s text subscribers. The ONE Campaign used drove their issue to the top of the list of questions.

Twitter is a great way to reach your followers – but it can also be a powerful way to grab attention on a bigger stage. By making it simple for their constituents to sound off, the ONE Campaign dominated online awareness.

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What You Can Learn from the ONE Campaign

When you have an important issue at a pivotal moment and you want to raise awareness, consider sending out a tweet for your supporters to post. Your mobile list are typically your organization’s biggest fans who will take action quickly. High conversion rates and fast response times make this a powerful way to get your topics trending or gain attention from earned media.

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