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Simply defined, operational mobile alerts convey database updates via a form of direct mobile messaging, e.g. SMS, voice or push notifications. Traditionally, companies have relied on email for relaying operational information. Today, mobile’s comparatively higher open and time-to-open rates, not to mention more personal nature, make it an attractive and ideal technology for developing a more robust operational alerts strategy.

Easier said than done. As with every technology, launching operational mobile alerts presents complexities that need to be thought through carefully, including setup, implementation, strategy and innovation.

And that’s exactly why we wrote the latest installment in our Quick6 eBook series. Inside, you’ll find a detailed analysis of developing effective operational mobile alerts and integrating them into digital communication strategy to produce maximum ROI. Here’s the table of contents:

1 – What’s In a Name: Operational mobile alerts defined

2 – A Provider Storm: Understanding aggregators versus application service providers

3 – Meaning Business: Strategic considerations for selecting technology providers

4 – At All Costs: Cost analysis for implementing operational mobile alerts

5 – From Concept to Design: Operational mobile alerts case studies

6 – Putting It All Together: Final reminders for creating a finished product

You can download the entire Operational Mobile Alerts eBook here, in addition to the rest of the Waterfall Quick6 series.

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