Webinar Recap: Keeping Your SMS Momentum Going after the Election

From fundraising to Get out the Vote efforts, text messaging played a big role in the 2020 election. Nonprofit and advocacy groups converted supporter interest into large lists of SMS subscribers, and with a major election looming, it wasn’t too hard to keep these subscribers engaged.

But what happens when the election’s over? How can you keep these subscribers engaged?

We sought to answer these questions in our webinar, “Now What? Driving Post-Election Engagement With SMS.” In this 30-minute session, our advocacy experts provided plenty of tips, tactics, and strategies to keep the election momentum going to drive fundraising, education, and supporter action.

If you didn’t catch the webinar live, check out this video for a quick peek at what you missed.


You can watch the full webinar recording here, or keep reading for five quick tips to implement in your post-election SMS engagement strategy,

Thank your supporters for their election efforts.

A thank-you message is an easy way to engage in the days following the election. These messages can also show your SMS list that their votes, donations, phone banking, and other efforts made a difference. For instance, as you thank your subscribers for their work, report election victories and results in the races relevant to your cause.

Focus on the issues.

Elections may end, but your advocacy work doesn’t. Continue to educate your list about the issues they care about. Update your list about pending legislation or other developments, then encourage supporters to take action, such as making a donation or calling Congress.

Use A/B testing to find the right frequency and messaging.

During election season, your supporters may not mind receiving frequent messages. However, after the last vote is counted, your supporters may not have the same appetite for constant SMS updates. Use testing to see how your list responds in a post-election environment. But don’t limit your A/B testing to frequency; try testing fundraising dollar amounts, different calls to action, or even using MMS.

Segment your list based on actions they took before the election.

Which subscribers donated? Who volunteered? Did some subscribers respond to content about certain issues? Use this data to create a segmentation strategy. This allows you to engage your most dedicated supporters more frequently without fatiguing the more casual members of your list.

Work with other departments to align your SMS program with broader organizational goals.

SMS is a powerful tool for engagement, but it’s even more effective in tandem with other channels. Interview other internal groups to see how you can best put SMS to use. When you coordinate your strategy with other departments, you can drive more success across your entire organization.

For more ways to keep your text messaging list engaged into 2021 and beyond, watch our on-demand webinar, “Now What? Driving Post-Election Engagement With SMS.

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