Waterfall and CLX Communications to Modernize Mobile Messaging with RCS Business Messaging

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At Waterfall now Upland Mobile Messaging, we constantly strive to be at the forefront of cutting edge innovation to enable our clients to engage with customers like never before. To kick off Mobile World Congress next week, Google announced their Rich Communication Services (RCS) Early Access Program, a partnership of carriers, brands and vendors striving to make the technology an industry standard for business messaging. RCS Business Messaging will allow users to interact in new and dynamic ways including suggested replies and actions, verified senders with branding, larger file sizes and dynamic rich media directly in the native messaging client.

Screenshot of RCS Business Messaging

So how can brands take advantage of this new technology? That’s where Waterfall comes in. We’re excited to announce, in partnership with CLX Communications, our participation in the Google Early Access Program to enable RCS for brand marketers. With our easy-to-use, scalable platform, Waterfall will create a single point of contact for marketers to broadcast messages to their entire mobile subscriber base.

RCS simplifies the way consumers perform everyday essential tasks such as scheduling an appointment, refilling a prescription or finding directions instantly, without having to leave the messaging environment. It’s a new paradigm that will boost a brand’s ability to increase engagement, heighten conversions, and build brand loyalty.

Screenshot of Waterfall’s RCS capabilities

Our solution automatically identifies consumers with RCS-enabled handsets and optimizes the content to deliver the best messages to each subscriber. Non-RCS enabled or offline handsets will automatically default to industry leading SMS/MMS solutions, helping brands seamlessly deliver to their entire audience without the need to know what phones have the technology, and which don’t. As RCS penetration rates grow, more subscribers will access the enhanced experiences created in the self-service Waterfall platform.

Interested in getting a demo at Mobile World Congress? Reach out.

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