RI4A Drives 60,000 Calls to Congress And Brings Immigration Debate to the Senate Floor

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Since the start of 2013, Reform Immigration 4 America has driven 60,000 phone calls to Congress in support of immigration reform. Last week, that outpouring of direct advocacy paid off, as the Senate introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill, moving RI4A one step closer to their legislative goals.

There’s been a national debate about immigration reform for years, but not much real legislation to back it up. Throughout that time, RI4A has been unrelenting in its advocacy. They’ve driven hundreds of thousands of phone calls to the president and to Congress, demanding that our government overhaul immigration laws.

This year, RI4A’s advocacy has been both thorough and effective. Throughout 2013, they’ve sent out repeated calls to action, asking supporters of immigration reform to call their senators and demand comprehensive legislation. For example, just last month, they sent out a text broadcast to their entire list that read:

Immigration Alert: Our Senators went home for Easter recess w/out introducing an immigration reform bill. Reply CALL or 888-891-3271 to demand a bill in April!

RI4A’s direct advocacy forced the Senate to pay attention to their cause. The resulting proposed legislation is an enormous step forward for immigration reform. As Bloomberg News reports, “The bill lays out a rough, but realistic, road to citizenship for the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US.”

RI4A’s successes are proof that, no matter what your cause, direct advocacy can yield concrete results.  “Immigration reform promises to be a messy process, and not everything will go according to plan,” Bloomberg concludes. “But the legislation introduced this week moves the nation in the right direction. It deserves support.

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