Silk’s Corner: Best Practices for QSR Mobile Marketers

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In the recent Mobile Marketer article titled, “How Burger King throws away money with mass-market SMS approach,” writer Lauren Johnson discusses how a big brand like Burger King is essentially leaving money on the table by not being direct enough in its mobile marketing efforts. We couldn’t agree more. As you may remember from our 2014 predictions post at the end of 2013, we noted that personalization would be key to the success of mobile campaigns in 2014. And it seems Ms. Johnson agrees.

At Waterfall, we know based on our experience working with a variety of food brands – including YUM! Brands (Pizza Hut), Qdoba Franchises, and more – that to earn maximum ROI, companies have to communicate with their subscribers exactly how they want. Meaning, in a personalized manner that feels less like marketing and more like a direct, intimate conversation.

So how can Burger King do a better job with its SMS campaigns? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Drive opt-ins. Be bold and encourage customers to sign in on the mobile Web. For opted in customers, provide custom features like targeted product recommendations. If consumers see demonstrable value in subscription programs, they not only will continue receiving a brand’s mobile messages, they will also share the benefits with others.
  2. Go Cross-channel whenever possible. Johnson used both Carl’s Jr. and White Castle as examples of food chains that are doing SMS right, but she notes it’s not just SMS that they’re being smart about: “Additionally, both Carl’s Jr. and White Castle’s campaigns are part of more integrated campaigns that the chains are using to build up loyalty and drive repeat traffic.” This is exactly why we launched our new platform in January. We understand that marketing is not done in a vacuum, and that our clients need a solution that enables all the marketing pieces to work together to accomplish a bigger goal.
  3. Location. Location. Location. Mobile devices go everywhere, so take advantage of how that information can create personalized experiences.
  4. Mobile = Data. Savvy marketers understand that mobile produces much more value as a data channel. If Burger King really wants to get the most out of its SMS campaigns, things like customer response time or reviews on service can be key factors in driving the direction of the company’s additional marketing efforts moving forward.

The good news is, marketing is all about learning what works, what doesn’t, and making the necessary adjustments on the fly. By implementing some of these simple suggestions, Burger King will be back in the game in no time.

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