Three Ways to Build Your Mobile Subscriber List

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Right now, as you’re reading this sentence, your mobile phone is probably within arm’s reach, and you’ve probably sent or received a text in the last hour. Ninety-five percent of the US population has at least one mobile device, and the average adult under 45 years of age sends and receives 85+ texts every day.

Texting is a marketer’s paradise. Your message could be in your target’s hand (or pocket) at any time. So how do you leverage this incredible level of accessibility?

Post your text message Call to Action across all platforms.
While there are a number of effective ways to promote your program or product, one of the easiest is to post your text message Call to Action everywhere that you possibly can. This includes your website, social media accounts, email newsletter, email signatures, offers/coupons, and e-commerce notifications/receipts. Your platforms also include non-electronic formats that might not come to mind in today’s digital age. Post your text message Call to Action on your packaging, property signage, business cards, mailers, and anywhere else that you might advertise, like magazines, taxi cabs, radio ads, and billboards. You don’t have to reach out electronically to get your target to engage electronically.

Requesting and incentivizing referrals
Make word of mouth work for you. Add the Upland Mobile Messaging “Tell a Friend” feature to your most frequently used opt-in paths. This allows the individual members of your subscriber list to share your content with their friends’ mobile devices and encourage them to subscribe to your content too. Offer special deals, discounts, or access to members who do share your content with others.

Find different use cases to encourage your audience to communicate with you
Would your audience love to do a live chat with a celebrity? Are they craving answers from an industry leader? Are they concerned about a particular issue or current event that might affect them? Find out what will draw your audience members out of their shells and get them to communicate back to you.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) provide the perfect example of how to leverage all three of these strategies. Contract renewal negotiations between the Detroit Three auto manufacturers and UAW were dragging on for months. Auto workers were eager to hear updates; these negotiations affected them personally. UAW used this major national issue to draw attention to their mobile list. They kept their mobile list members up to date and reached out across every platform they had, encouraging members to join the mobile list. They sent out “tell a friend” texts, encouraging their subscribers to forward the list to their friends and colleagues who were also affected by this issue. The UAW’s mobile list, which had remained static for the previous four years, doubled in size in only one year.

If you’re ready to build your mobile list into a formidable marketing force, contact and you can get access to an Upland Mobile Messaging mobile strategist. We’ll help you craft a campaign to get your message where it needs to be.

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