Toll-free Texting: Real or Hype?

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The future is bright for text enabled toll-free numbers. We are using text messaging now more than ever. Many carriers are enticing new subscribers with unlimited texting plans. The setup for a text enabled toll-free number is quick and painless. Opening this channel of customer support will increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Text enabled toll-free numbers is not free for everyone. Message and data rates may apply. However, studies show that 88% of consumers have unlimited text messaging plans. Gigabytes of data is now the central differentiator, so mobile carriers can simplify their prices and appear generous by offering unlimited talk and text. As technology continues to advance with iMessage and RCS, texting will become the default form of communication.

The CTIA and carriers have approved the use of toll-free numbers for customer support situations. You can enable your current toll-free number in just a few days. Your number will be verified, then provisioned. From there, customers can send and receive messages to your toll-free number. They can request for product availability, delivery updates or schedule appointments.

Adding “text or call to 1-800” on product packaging and contact pages, will quickly resolve any issues or assuage consumer curiosity. The quick response time and knowledge will instantly produce brand loyalty. If you don’t already know this, word of mouth is the most powerful partner you have. What customers say to their friends and colleagues could make or break any business.

Toll-free number texting is real and overlooked. Let’s take advantage of unlimited texting plans. It’s convenient and easy to send a text. The process is straightforward and sweet. If we can provide immediate support through text and increase customer satisfaction, why not?

Have you thought about enabling your current toll-free number?

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