SMS Marketing: 6 Essential Points – Now and Going Forward – About Integrating SMS into a Mobile Marketing CRM Strategy

Determine Where SMS Communication and Text Messaging Fits in Your Strategy Today

In our e-Book SMS Marketing: 6 Essential Points to Know – now and going forward – about integrating SMS into a mobile marketing CRM strategy, learn the “how” and the “why” behind text messaging communication.

SMS/text messaging has become a prominent communication method due to the fact that it is easy to use, flexible, and experiences high open rates. However, you may be asking “how can SMS/text messaging help my unique business situation?” and “where does SMS/text messaging fit?”. We’ve put together the 6 essential best practices when starting with SMS marketing.

At a glance, this e-Book will put you on the path for success with your mobile messaging campaigns providing insights into:

  1. Statistics surrounding what demographics to use (or don’t) use text messaging, and to what extent
  2. How marketers can build a roadmap towards success when executing mobile messaging campaigns
  3. Exactly what goes into an effective SMS marketing campaign
  4. How to differentiate and compare various SMS marketing technology vendors

Download now to gain insight into the world of text messaging communication.


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