How Text Messaging Improves Multichannel Engagement for Nonprofit Fundraising

Cover_Option 2In our eBook, How Text Messaging Improves Multichannel Engagement for Nonprofit Fundraisingwe present why nonprofit organizations should incorporate text messaging into their fundraising strategy.

Multichannel engagement allows nonprofits to reach supporters across different platforms. Text messaging is the ideal channel for moving supporters up your ladder of engagement and encouraging them to contribute to your fundraising campaigns.

Download our eBook to learn:

  • Why text messaging is the best way to connect with your supporters
  • How to incorporate text messaging into your fundraising strategy
  • Mobile tips and strategies for a successful text messaging campaign
  • Case studies on nonprofits who use text messaging to achieve amazing results

To learn how you can set up a text messaging campaign for nonprofit fundraising, contact us at 212-537-5175 or schedule a demo.

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