Forrester: The Growing Gap in Your Marketing Communications Mix

These data points are essential to understanding how your organization can take advantage of the pervasiveness of mobile and ubiquity of SMS to drive deeper engagement with your audience.

  • 200 “Micro Moments” per day on a mobile device
  • 30B Mobile devices WW
  • 50% of Organizations are using SMS today to drive engagement
  • #1 SMS is the primary means of communications on mobile
  • 0 Tolerance for spam via SMS

Whether you are part of a nonprofit, membership organization, government agency or even commercial enterprise, mobile outreach will help you broaden your reach and deepen personalization of every conversation with your audience.

To learn more about how to add mobile to your communication mix join Forrester Principal Analyst, Julie Ask, for a 60 minute webinar titled: “The Growing Gap in Your Marketing Communications Mix”.

Julie Ask, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester


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