White Paper

Citizen Engagement Whitepaper

Explore how SMS/text messaging campaigns drives positive citizen engagement effectively and securely

Upland Mobile Messaging’s text message platform is a comprehensive mobile communications solution that provides government organizations with the ability to directly communicate with the public in an individualized yet automated fashion.

In this white paper, we outline numerous important ways that mobile text messaging campaigns can advance the goal of 2012 digital government, by helping public sector organizations effectively and securely engage the mobile citizenry. We’ll prove how Upland Mobile Messaging’s text message platform can reach everyone, everywhere, to inspire action and to provide valuable information powerfully, quickly, and effectively.

In this whitepaper we will showcase key case studies and how they used text messaging to engage citizens:

National Cancer Institute – Leverage the Power of Mobile Messaging to Affect the Greater Good

New York and New Jersey – Responsively Preserving the Right to Vote

Metropolitan Transit Authority – Instantly Making Public Transportation Accessible


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