Mobile Commons Features

Mobile Commons platform is a self-service, out-of-the-box solution for managing mobile and text messaging campaigns

Mobile Commons platform is a self-service, out-of-the-box solution for managing mobile and text messaging campaigns. Mobile Commons’ web-based dashboard makes it easy to get started with text messaging, while our feature list scales to meet the needs of the most sophisticated mobile marketers. Our secure servers process millions of 2-way text messaging conversations and phone calls. Our customizable backend database integrates with the most popular 3rd-party CRM & email providers and can be easily extended with our API.

Text Messaging

Engage your entire list and have one-on-one text message conversations to achieve optimal results.

  • Personalize your messages based on any type of user data
  • Build your mobile list with multi-channel opt-ins
  • View and filter incoming text messages in an SMS inbox


Send and receive pictures or animated GIFs as part of your mobile messaging program.

  • Send and receive pictures or animated GIFs as part of your mobile messaging program.
  • Encourage subscribers to interact with you visually
  • Grow your list by asking users to share your pictures with their friends

Mobile CRM

Manage all your mobile communications from one place and keep track of every user and every action.

  • View detailed profiles for every mobile user
  • Keep track of every text message, click, and call
  • Sync data from Mobile Commons to your email provider or eCRM

Scheduling and Targeting

Reach the right person at exactly the right moment.

  • Segment your list to send targeted messages
  • Send customized messages based on a unique date for each user
  • Schedule your message now or in the future, automatically adjusting for time zones

Live SMS Chat

Respond to your users instantly and answer questions via SMS.

  • Respond to users in real-time or at your convenience
  • Let multiple agents respond to incoming messages with our call center inspired ticketing system
  • Quickly reply to FAQs with pre-written responses

Phone Calls

Run highly effective advocacy call campaigns and measure the results in real-time.

  • Connect constituents with their state or federal legislators
  • Give supporters key talking points before connecting them
  • Track incoming calls in real-time and measure the impact

Reports and Analytics

Analyze your campaign performance at all levels and track every action.

  • Track every text, call, and click; identify patterns from usage reports
  • View interactive graphs to see your campaign performance over time
  • Export data from the Mobile Commons platform any time as CSV, XML, or HTML

Survey, Polls, and Quizzes

Run surveys and quizzes to gather information and save results right to users’ profiles.

  • Text multiple choice questions and view real-time results of user responses
  • Automatically save responses to users’ profiles into unlimited custom fields
  • Segment users based on their responses for targeted engagement

Information Lookup

Help people find the information they need with a simple text message.

  • Text a zip code to find local resources, such as a store locator, the closest bus, or where to vote
  • Inform people about current issues with an educational text message campaign
  • Upload a database of information to create an accessible on-the-go resource


Make it simple for donors to support your cause, no matter where they are.

  • Make it easy for supporters to give directly to your organization with text-to-give
  • Remind donors to contribute to your campaign with targeted text messages
  • Trigger larger online donations through your CRM with SMS Quick Donate

Open API

Easily extend our platform with our API.

  • Easy to use REST API
  • Send text messages, trigger calls, access reporting, and more
  • Sync your mobile data with an existing customer database

Security and Privacy

Comprehensive policies, procedures, and technical controls ensure the security and privacy of your information.

  • Industry standard security and encryption technologies are used to prevent sensitive data from being observed during transmission across networks.
  • PII and PHI such as phone numbers are de-identified for HIPAA compliance
  • Trusted by governments and healthcare organizations around the world

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