The Mobile Commons Platform

The industry's most powerful enterprise-grade mobile messaging and SMS application

Every day, hundreds of organizations use the Mobile Commons mobile messaging platform to communicate with millions of consumers, patients, employees, supporters, and other stakeholders. Our best-in-class technology is built to support the needs of our customers, from advanced functionality to detailed reporting. We pride ourselves on delivering every message quickly, accurately, and securely.

Get to Know Your Subscribers

Easily capture the information you need to know about your subscribers with custom profile fields. Use that data to refine your messaging, target relevant groups and make your content more engaging. Simple to set up CRM syncs allow you to ensure your subscriber’s records are always up to date.

  • Built-in CRM Features
  • Unlimited groups & campaigns
  • Custom profile field creation
  • Out-of-the-Box Syncs with industry-leading CRM platforms

Multi-Media Campaigns with a Human Touch

Personalization is the key to effective communication. Our platform allows you to customize every aspect of your outreach, from language preferences to time zones to MMS capabilities. With our advanced scheduling options, you can also create campaigns that trigger messages based on custom dates, subscriber actions, and more.

  • Multi-Media Messaging
  • Special Character & Multi-Language Support
  • Intuitive Scheduling Options
  • 1-to-1 Chat With Any Subscriber at Any Time

Talk With Your Subscribers, Not at Them

We believe that every text message is part of a conversation, not just a notification. Initiate a conversation with any subscriber at any time to answer questions, send resources, or to simply say thank you. Whether it’s a single inquiry or several thousand, our ticketing system ensures everyone gets a response.

  • Inbox Categorization & Escalation
  • 1-to-1 Chat With Any Subscriber at Any Time
  • Canned Responses, Agent-Only View and other Customer Service Features

Communications Platform You Can Trust

Our comprehensive policies, procedures, and technical controls ensure the security and privacy of your information. Using industry standard security and encryption technology, we prevent sensitive data from being observed during transmission across networks. That’s why governments and healthcare organizations around the world trust Mobile Commons to deliver their messages safely and securely.

Enterprise-Grade Technology

Our platform is built on open source technology that can scale up on demand with maximum availability to meet our customer volume needs.

  • Built on open source stack
  • Scalable Architecture
  • High availability
  • 24×7 system monitoring
  • 24×7 short code monitoring

Want to see Mobile Commons' Automated Personalization In Action? Text "Demo" to 662266