Case Study

Desert Financial transforms member experience with Upland Panviva

New content ownership and feedback capabilities lead to consistency of information.


Aging knowledge management infrastructure.

Desert Financial faced the challenge of updating an out-of-date knowledge management infrastructure with multitudes of irrelevant information. With Panviva, content ownership and feedback capabilities make changes more timely and efficient. Now, Desert Financial has seen big improvements in customer experience, employee engagement, and day-to-day operations.

“Now that we’ve got this ownership and feedback process, we can really maintain this program. It’s taken on a whole different approach from what we did in the past.” – Jim Lavery, Vice President of Contact Centers and Credit Services


Intuitive usage and content management.

Desert Financial took the time to be methodical about their approach rather than rolling Panviva out fast, rethinking the way the credit union was using information. There are now feedback processes in place to keep their previously cluttered information system cleaned up. Employees can flag necessary updates within the software for content authors, and the content itself is easy and intuitive.


Content is easier to create and use.

The use of Panviva drove several outcomes for Desert Financial, including:

  • Consistency of content and information
  • Faster deployment of system-wide processes
  • Increased satisfaction for employees and members alike

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