Case Study

Health New England increases growth with Upland Panviva

With Panviva, consistent compliancy leads to 20% business growth.


More compliance complexity.

Health New England faced the challenge of adding Medicare and Medicaid health plan options, with the government compliance requirements becoming much more complex. With Panviva, Health New England consolidated information into one central knowledge base and simplified the training process. Now, engaged employees drive continued improvement in customer service scores.

“Panviva was viewed as so important to growth and to the customer experience that it was one of the only projects approved.”– Member Services Manager, Health New England


Consolidate and streamline.

Health New England began by consolidating information into a process-driven system. Panviva allows agents to focus on easily finding accurate content rather than having to learn the content, leading to consistent compliance and increased customer satisfaction.


A single source of truth that agents love to use.

The use of Panviva drove several outcomes for Health New England, including:

  • 20% business growth in two years
  • Increased productivity for employees using Panviva
  • Reduced training time and costs

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