Case Study

North American Auto Group consolidates complex information with Upland Panviva

A new centralized knowledge base leads to a 20% increase in first call resolution.


Increasingly complex knowledge.

North American Auto Association faced the challenge of managing increasingly complex and changing volumes of information for multiple programs under their brand. With Panviva, the auto club found a way to create a better flowing, higher quality, single source of truth system that also assisted agents. Now, call center processes are re-engineered for success in the moment of need.

“Call center agents using Panviva are upbeat, self-assured, and able to reassure and dispatch great help quickly.”


Streamline and layer.

The auto club created a centralized knowledge base with layers of information easily accessible by agents. Panviva decreased training time by stepping agents through calls and providing accurate content. Employees now have higher confidence and create better customer experiences.


Accurate, editable content that agents love to use.

The use of Panviva drove several outcomes for the auto club, including:

  • 20% increase in first call resolution
  • 25% decrease in call handling time
  • 40% reduction in agent training failure rates

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