Case Study

Telstra created a single source of truth to eliminate errors during major process changes.

Telstra reduced training time and increased productivity and confidence for employees.


Keeping up with ever-changing processes.

Telstra’s processes were quickly out-of-date, and it was nearly impossible for customer service agents to stay on top of the changes being communicated two to three times per month in long, complex documents. With Panviva, Telstra can get streamlined information out promptly in one single source of truth.

“Panviva allowed us to determine a single source of truth for our operations. We removed the ambiguity for Asset Management.” – Sarah Winn, Quality Lead


Deliver information in the moment of need – including for onboarding.

Telstra can now train customer service agents in two weeks with Panviva versus one month before. The new processes have eliminated compliance errors regarding Telstra’s internal procedures and new policies issued by the government.


Errors have been all but eliminated.

The use of Panviva drove several outcomes for Telstra, including:

  • 50% reduction in training time
  • Nearly 0% error rate during major process changes
  • Increased productivity and confidence for employees

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