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PostUp works with top brands who never settle for the status quo and continuously strive to innovate for their customers. These partnerships have resulted in an amazing collection of knowledge, best practices, and experience that our team will use to help deliver for you.


Strategic Services

Campaign Management

Integration Services

Delivery Consulting

Creative Design

Reporting & Analytics

Strategic Services

PostUp’s strategic services team will identify opportunities to improve existing programs or recommend new ones. From building relationships with prospective customers to driving retention with current ones, we’ll optimize the way you engage your audience to help achieve your goals.

PostUp can provide insight and recommendations for your:

  • List growth strategy
  • Newsletter programs
  • Lifecycle programs
  • Preference centers
  • Reactivation/win-back programs
  • Breaking news programs

Campaign Management

Our campaign management team works with programs on a daily basis and can help you easily move forward with program improvements. We’ll make sure each mailing is correct, targeted to your audience, renders beautifully, and that you can accurately track its progress and efficiency.

PostUp’s campaign managers can provide:

  • Customized targeting, segmentation, and testing
  • Dynamic content setup and deployment
  • Rendering, deliverability, and seed testing tools
  • Post-campaign reporting
  • Mobile rendering analysis
  • 72-hour turnaround

Integration Services

PostUp’s integrations allow you to automate aspects of your email marketing program, including importing new members to designated lists, triggering automated messages based on subscriber behavior, and breaking news alerts. For more complex automated programs, you can take advantage of advanced integration consulting.

Integration consulting examples include:

  • CMS integration to automate your email program
  • Launching a preference center
  • Pull content into your emails via RSS
  • Custom engineering projects

Delivery Consulting

PostUp’s deliverability experts will help you achieve optimal inbox placement rates, increased engagement, improved ROI, and reduced attrition. With the most mature ESP platform and a dedicated IP, you can count on PostUp to engage your audience.

Our delivery consultants can advise you on:

  • ISP relationships
  • Industry shifts and best practices
  • Email certification services
  • Spam scoring heuristics
  • Sender authentication
  • Optimal mail sending settings

Creative Services

PostUp’s design team can be your single-source solution for developing all email creative, or we can work with you on specific projects. Regardless of your needs, the end result will always be the same: beautiful designs that engage your audience.

Our creative design team can design/code:

  • Newsletter master templates
  • Email campaign series
  • Preference centers
  • Landing pages
  • Onsite email capture widgets

Reporting & Analytics

With Tableau reporting built into the PostUp platform, our analytics team helps you visualize trends for fast, data-driven decisions. We retain a dedicated data center to store and preserve detailed data history, allowing you to analyze past and real-time performance.

PostUp gives you access to dashboards that quantify:

  • List attrition
  • List intersection and union
  • Engagement trending
  • Delivery reporting

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