Email Marketing for Gaming Companies

It’s game time!

Take your email program to the next level by partnering with PostUp. We team up with top online and mobile gaming companies to help acquire and retain players and cross-promote games. Our multichannel marketing solutions provide feature-rich email marketing tools, advanced reporting, and integrated SMS and social capabilities. Whether you are looking to automate in-game messaging, plan retention campaigns, or manage your player lifecycle, PostUp has the solution.

Gaming Brands We Work With


An email marketing platform built for gaming


Targeted Messaging per Player

Dynamic content allows you to send relevant content for each player based on their preferences. Want to reward a player for their latest achievement? Or encourage those who haven’t quite made it? The PostUp dynamic content wizard allows you to do that, all within a single mailing.

Automate Gamer Programs

Player retention and reactivation campaigns are a crucial component of any gaming email program. Using PostUp’s suite of automated messaging, we can help drive key performance metrics like day-one retention and daily active users. Stay on top of your game by automating your player’s content.

Get Social

With PostUp’s social integrations, users can post deals and information to Facebook and Twitter pages at the same time your recipients receive a message. Sync a special promo across all your channels in a single send to save time and resources, maximizing the success of your marketing efforts.

Email services for the gaming industry

  • A Services Team with Maxed-Out Skills

    Email marketers by day, gamers by night, the PostUp client service team gets the gaming space. Our design team has created visuals for some of the top mobile and desktop games. Our delivery and strategy consultants not only know how to get your mailings to the inbox, but they know how to get to the hidden levels in your game, too.

  • Campaign Managers Who Play on Expert

    Whether a newbie or just short on time, our expert campaign managers know how to help you grow your email list, cross-promote your games, and take advantage of the mobile gaming revolution.

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