Engagement Solutions for Media & Publishing

Solutions to help you know, grow, engage, and monetize your audience.

With decades of experience delivering business outcomes for media & publishing companies, Upland PostUp knows that audience relationships drive success. That’s why our solutions focus on strengthening your audience connections at every step of the relationship.

  • Know Your Audience

    Unlock actionable first-party data, reconcile audience identity across devices, and deliver personalized experiences.

  • Grow Your Audience

    Our audience development solutions maximize your direct audience with email capture and browser push.

  • Engage Your Audience

    PostUp’s automation and integration-focused email platform efficiently connects your audience with your content.

  • Monetize Your Audience

    Turnkey advertising and subscriber monetization solutions help you diversify revenue streams.

Know Your Audience

Establish and reconcile audience identity across devices, no sign-in needed. PostUp interoperates with Google Analytics and your other existing technology to tie user data to the email address, turning your first-party data into actionable audience segments.

  • Build a complete profile of your individual users without additional technology
  • Deliver hyper-targeted audience segments for advertisers
  • Personalize audience experiences in email and on site

Grow Your Known Audience

PostUp converts more of your anonymous site traffic into your known audience, growing your email list without harming user experience.

  • Full-service email audience growth
  • High-performance, endlessly customizable email capture tools
  • Collect more first-party data with PostUp’s analytics integrations

Then, use PostUp’s browser push notification feature to reach your audience instantly — no app necessary. PostUp’s optimized CTAs grow your audience far more effectively than default browser prompts.

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Engage Your Email Audience

Built with publisher needs in mind, the PostUp platform helps publishers nurture audiences with email. With flexible automation solutions and seamless integrations with your technology stack, scaling your email program is simple.

  • Balance efficiency with editorial control using PostUp’s automation toolbox
  • Engage and nurture your audience through full publisher lifecycle marketing
  • Visualize your data with built-in Tableau analytics
  • Personalize email 1:1 with our Parse.ly integration
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Maximize the Value of Your Audience

Monetize your audience, even when they don’t visit your site. PostUp helps publishers diversify revenue streams with advertising and subscription revenue solutions.

  • Send dynamically targeted promotional email to audience segments based on web behavior
  • Serve in-email advertising using PostUp’s integrations with Adsense, PowerInbox, and LiveIntent
  • Generate more subscriber revenue with PostUp’s dynamic content wall
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PostUp understands the publishing business model. We want to put that knowledge to work for you.