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Engage and nurture your audience with PostUp’s enterprise email platform. With powerful automation, deliverability, analytics, and more, the PostUp platform helps you drive more clicks, conversions, and revenue.





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Enterprise Email Automation

Send more email with less manual effort. PostUp’s email automation solutions make it easy to target your audience with the right message at the right time.

  • Fully automated lifecycle marketing
  • Flexible automation workflow adapts to your needs
  • Optimize your email with automated A/B testing
  • Intuitive drip planner helps visualize even the most complex campaigns
Automation for Publishers

Deliverability Solutions

Get more email to the inbox with PostUp’s email deliverability expertise.

  • A dedicated IP address puts you in control of your sender reputation
  • Built-in Return Path tools help you identify inbox placement issues before you send
  • Our deliverability consultants provide full-service ESP migration, reputation monitoring, and more
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Partner Integration

PostUp’s integration-focused platform connects with best-in-class technology solutions to make email a seamless part of your program. Our partnerships with industry leaders give you access to the best, all with a single contract.

Integrations include:

  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and more
  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal, and even custom CMS solutions
  • Advanced personalization: Parse.ly and Chartbeat
  • Monetization: LiveIntent and PowerInbox
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Powerful Analytics

From cohort analysis to advanced bot and security appliance detection, PostUp empowers you to do more with your data, all while saving time on reporting. With best-in-class Tableau reporting built directly into the platform, you get the tools to visualize your data and the analytics to act on it.

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Build Preference Centers, Landing Pages, and More

Create landing pages that maximize conversions, design preference centers that retain email subscribers, and build other custom pages—all without having to get IT involved.

  • Built-in WYSIWYG editor makes creating pages a breeze
  • Optimize your pages with device previews, A/B testing, and SEO tools
  • See your success with powerful page analytics
  • Manage all of your pages from the PostUp platform
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