A full-featured engagement solution for media & publishing

Upland PostUp’s email and audience development solutions empower media & publishing companies to engage audiences at scale. PostUp combines enterprise-level functionality with ease of use, enabling non-technical users to create, deploy, and report on messaging. Our full-featured solutions help you connect with your audience at every step of the relationship, while our integrations with top publisher technology ensure PostUp fits seamlessly into your engagement stack.


Send engaging, targeted content directly to your audience.

  • Deploy newsletters, marketing emails, and other messaging with ease
  • Build newsletters with ease using the WYSIWYG editor
  • Choose self-service solutions, or tap into our email expertise to handle your campaigns and strategy

List Growth

Grow your audience without impacting onsite KPIs using PostUp’s email capture widgets.

  • Flexible capture forms maximize email list growth and first-party data collection
  • Deploy mobile-optimized capture widgets, sliders, and lightboxes customized to your site branding
  • Target users by device, location, and onsite behavior to deliver the most relevant messaging

CDP Functionality

Get the power of a customer data platform without additional technology.

  • Centralize first-party data to make it actionable in email, on site, and across ad networks
  • Create audience segments to deliver targeted content and advertising
  • Reconcile audience identity and create individual user profiles by tying identity to the user’s email address


Scale your email program while saving time and eliminating manual work.

  • Automate all or parts of your email assembly and deployment processes
  • Use integrations with WordPress and other content management systems to populate content without leaving your CMS
  • Balance efficiency with editorial control using the flexible approval workflow

In-Email Monetization

Turn your email program into a channel for direct revenue.

  • Generate turnkey revenue with in-email programmatic ads
  • Target your audience with dedicated promotional sends
  • Enrich your email audience with first-party data to deliver interested audience segments for advertisers

Browser Push

Deepen audience engagement with instant notifications—no app required.

  • Engage your mobile and desktop audience
  • Grow your push audience with high-performing onsite CTAs
  • Target your push audience with alerts tailored to onsite behavior

News Alerts

Keep your audience in the know by connecting them with content as it happens.

  • Send instant updates via email, browser push, or SMS
  • Automate your news alerts to deploy when breaking articles are posted
  • Target audiences based on content consumption history

Email Deliverability

Deliver more email to the inbox with baked-in Return Path tools.

  • Identify deliverability problems before you send
  • Optimize your emails for maximum deliverability with seed testing
  • Avoid inbox placement issues with our proactive deliverability consulting

Reporting & Analytics

Get the data you need and the tools to act on it.

  • Visualize your data with baked-in Tableau reporting
  • Integrations with Google Analytics centralize your data for actionable cross-channel insights
  • Create custom reports with our flexible reporting engine

Page Builder

Quickly create new pages for your site.

  • Build preference centers, landing pages, and other onsite content
  • Customize your pages using our WYSIWYG editor
  • Optimize your pages with analytics, SEO tools, and mobile previews

Content Wall

Maximize subscription revenue with a flexible paywall solution that adapts to your audience.

  • Implement a subscription business model without having to overhaul your site
  • Test and change paywall configurations on the fly
  • Tailor the paywall meter and messaging to location, device, traffic source, and other data points

Lifecycle Marketing

Engage your audience across channels at every step of the relationship.

  • Drive deeper engagement with multichannel campaigns
  • See your campaigns at a glance with the Drip Visualizer
  • Create effective re-engagement campaigns, subscriber retention emails, and more

A/B Testing

Experiment with copy, creative, and content to earn maximum engagement.

  • Customize number of testing variables and test audience size
  • Perform automated tests to select the most engaging articles for each newsletter send
  • Test to a small segment of your list and deploy the winner to the rest of your list automatically

Email Optimization

Send the best version of your email every time.

  • Ensure your responsive emails look great on mobile
  • See how your email will render across dozens of email clients and devices with render previews


Enable efficiency in every part of your email program with seamless integrations.

  • Analyze email data alongside site data with our Google Analytics integration
  • Personalize email content through our Parse.ly integration
  • Get custom integrations with your third-party or proprietary technology

PostUp understands the publishing business model. We want to put that knowledge to work for you.