Maximize Your Revenue

Drive more revenue with email.

Every email sent is an opportunity for monetization. Maximize the value of your known audience with PostUp’s powerful solutions for generating advertising and subscription revenue.


Promotional Mailings

Monetize your engaged email list with targeted standalone sends.

Dynamic Content Wall

Generate subscription revenue without sacrificing on site ad revenue.

In-Email Ads

Serve native and programmatic advertising in the inbox too.

Promotional Emails

Monetize your engaged email list with targeted promotional mailings. PostUp’s solutions increase the relevance of your advertiser’s promotional mailings, and in turn, the price you can command.

  • Inventory management makes selling audience segments simple
  • Enrich your email audience for dynamically targeted audience segments based on web activity
  • Control for ad saturation with frequency caps at the recipient level
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Dynamic Content Wall

Don’t let technology hurdles impede your paid content model. PostUp’s flexible Dynamic Content Wall adapts to the audience, maximizing your subscription revenue without cutting into advertising revenue.

  • Tailor your wall settings to visitors’ traffic source, content consumption, and more
  • Experiment with pricing and wall strategy on the fly, with no IT overhead
  • Detect and address incognito/private browsing users
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In-Email Advertising

Drive advertising revenue, even when your audience doesn’t visit your site. By serving ads in your email, you can drive more revenue with every send.

  • Place ads using PostUp’s drag-and-drop email editor
  • PowerInbox and LiveIntent integrations deliver turnkey ad monetization
  • Supports major ad technology (such as Google Ads) out of the box, as well as in-house ad servers
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If you’re not monetizing your email, you could be losing out on revenue.