3 Email List Growth Strategies to Implement ASAP

Part II: List Growth Strategy: 3 Ways to Turn a Casual Audience into a Relationship

In our last blog post, we talked about the difference between your Casual Audience and your Relationship Audience. In this post, we’ll talk about how to develop your Casual Audience into a more serious Relationship Audience via a solid list growth strategy.

Why grow your list?

Before we dive into growing your list, let’s first give some context and talk about the 5 metrics every email marketer needs to pay attention to:

  1. List Size
  2. Inbox Placement Rate
  3. Open Rate
  4. Click Rate
  5. Unsubscribe Rate

These metrics will ultimately determine whether or not your email marketing program is successful. If one of these is sub-optimal, it can have a cascading effect on the others, bringing down the overall health and profitability of your email program.

List size comes first because without a list to send to, there is no delivery to the inbox, no opens, and most importantly, no clicks. Here are two other reasons to focus your efforts on list growth before anything else:

  1. Unlimited potential. You can improve your open or click-through rate up to 100% (although it’s unlikely, unless you’re only emailing your mom). With your list size, the sky’s the limit. You could increase the size of your list by however large your casual audience is.
  2. Better relationships. Turning your Casual Audience into your Relationship Audience is all about getting them to sign up for your email list. Once you have that email address, you can talk directly to them without hoping your social media post ends up in their feed or your ad ends up in front of their eyeballs. You can begin to turn the casual observer into an evangelist who will bring you new audience members without any effort on your part.

3 List Growth Strategies to Implement ASAP

The continuous growth of your email list is the foundation of the ultimate success of your email program. So what can you do to kick that audience development into overdrive?

  • Email capture widgets. There are a plethora of ways to configure these for the best user experience and impact on your list size. Adding these to your website has been shown to dramatically increase the size of your list.
  • Registration optimization. Is your registration CTA in the footer? Move it to the header. Is it small? Make it bigger. Is it discreet? Make it flashy. Is it only on certain pages? Put it everywhere. Does it contain multiple fields? Make it one field. Is it static? Animate it. In short, if your registration CTA isn’t speaking loudly enough to be heard, crank up the volume.
  • Use your other channels. Did you know you could use your brand’s Facebook page to generate email signups? And why not encourage it on your Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profile pages? There’s no need to limit email signups to just your website; list growth can occur across many channels.

Once you’ve developed a healthy amount of your Casual Audience into Relationship Audience status, it’s time to deepen that relationship. We’ll talk about the best way to do that in our next post.

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