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Depending on where you live, weather updates can make or break your plans. Like many others, I find myself continually turning to my weather app on my iPhone to give me the daily update. It’s great in a pinch, but there are so many other critical pieces of information that I wish I had at my disposal.

That’s where Poncho the weather cat comes in.

This month’s best creative ever comes from Poncho, a customized weather site that will send you personalized email or text alerts straight from their eponymous mascot. They boil down a sea of weather and outdoor-related data, into easily digestible, easy to understand facts that will no doubt prepare you for your day.

Not only is the information helpful, their super simple mobile-first design features short, sweet copy that’s infectiously funny and chock full of puns; you’ll look forward to getting these messages every morning. They do a fantastic job of incorporating funny photos, Internet memes, and hypnotizing animated gifs.

When you first register, you’re asked for your zip code as well as the time you typically wake up. They make it beyond easy to roll out of bed, check your email and BAM!… all your need-to-know info is right there. The layout is easy to scan and covers local weather, potential hair issues, wind speed, and a three day pollen count. It has everything you need to get your day planned, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face faster than your first sip of coffee.

Everything they serve up is useful and playful, but there is one part at the bottom that I thought was especially clever. The section at the bottom is a great way to get your audience to interact with your brand outside the traditional methods. They offer up options to “hang out” in ways not many companies would typically want to. Poncho also makes it simple to update your settings at any time with their large, hard to miss “settings” button.

Overall, Poncho’s emails are a huge hit. I haven’t come across many emails that can send me basically the same thing everyday but I actually look forward to getting it. Poncho the weather cat will brighten your day up, and will surely prepare you to tackle any day ahead. Not since Willard Scott have I been this fond of hearing a daily weather report*…and no, Poncho the cat is not 105 years old.** To anyone who appreciates a good email, or a good weather report I highly recommend signing up for Poncho’s emails.

*Editor’s note: No offense to Al Roker.
** Editor’s note: No offense to Willard Scott.

Corey Duncan

Corey serves as PostUp’s Interactive Creative Director, where he manages and designs all creative development for the Professional Services department. He is responsible for designing, implementing and tracking everything from email, web banners, websites, social media and SMS while adhering to digital marketing best practices.

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