Best Email Ever! Storytelling in Email Newsletters…

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Upland Admin

Not all email has to be serious business; you can have some fun when appropriate. That’s why we love this holiday email from Sears so much. Not only is it well designed with animated gifs, cute holiday graphics and more. But it’s actually informative, in a fun “Huh, I didn’t know that” kinda way.

Most everyone now days has heard of the U.S. Military tracking Santa (NORAD) on his epic journey: delivering gifts around the world. But who knew it all started from a tiny typo? It’s a great example of an email telling a story and leading the reader on a path by scrolling down to read more and more. Email subscribers often get overloaded with promotional or sales messages during the holiday season and it can seem overwhelming. So it’s nice to see Sears sending something that’s a little playful yet informative and we think it does a great job for the Sears brand.

Click here to view the full email. See more creative of the month emails here.

Corey Duncan

Corey serves as PostUp’s Interactive Creative Director, where he manages and designs all creative development for the Professional Services department. He is responsible for designing, implementing and tracking everything from email, web banners, websites, social media and SMS while adhering to digital marketing best practices.

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