Growing Your Audience with Browser Push Notifications

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We spend most of our time talking about email around here, but when it comes down to it, our ultimate concern is with helping publishers build and engage audiences. Email plays a critical role in that, but it’s not the only way publishers can grow and engage their direct audiences. Another way? Browser push notifications.

Browser push notifications give you an additional channel to deliver content to your audience, whether that content is breaking news or your top article of the day. Sent through the browser on desktop and mobile, these notifications are functionally identical to the notifications sent by your favorite apps.

When done effectively, browser push complements your email strategy, expanding your reach and rounding out your audience development efforts. Here are a few reasons to incorporate browser push into your strategy.

1) Browser push connects you with your audience directly.

Having a channel to reach your audience is the first step to building a relationship with them. That way, rather than wait for your audience to stumble onto your content as they scroll through their Facebook feed, you can deliver that content directly to them.

2) You get the immediate reach of app notifications without the hassles of app creation.

While your audience may silence email notifications or even delay their arrival, push notifications arrive instantly, buzzing your pocket seconds after they were sent. This makes push notifications ideal for sending breaking news alerts, allowing your content to reach your audience precisely when it’s most relevant.

This instant access is nice, but historically it has required publishers to build an app. When not every publisher has the resources for app development, browser push presents.a much easier path to instantaneous outreach.

3) It’s a low-hurdle opt-in, allowing you to quickly expand your reach.

Unlike an app, you don’t have to convince your audience to download anything. Browser push opt-ins require just a click or two, making them a lower commitment than an app download.

It’s also much easier than collecting an email. While email is ultimately a more engaging way to communicate with your direct audience, not everyone will give up their email address. if you can’t persuade them to sign up for a newsletter, they might be cool with receiving push notifications instead.

4) You can access to your audience, no matter where they are.

While browser push was initially something of a novelty, the expanding list of compatible browsers means it’s an effective way to reach audience across platforms. Many of the top browsers support push, with most doing so for both desktop and mobile versions of their browsers.

5) No social media algorithms to deal with.

Audiences amassed on social are audiences built on borrowed land. Your access to these audiences is subject to the whims of the platform, whims that favor the platform over the publisher.

For many publishers, Facebook delivers only a fraction of the traffic it once did, making it a perfect example of why having a direct link to the audience is necessary.

6) You don’t have to worry about email deliverability issues either.

Solving email deliverability problems can be tricky. We understand. It’s why PostUp has a whole team of deliverability experts dedicated to helping senders achieve inbox placement. With browser push, there are no sorting algorithms, spam filters, or other deliverability obstacles to hurdle. You can be pretty sure your content will get delivered.

7) You can send browser push notifications straight from the PostUp platform.

PostUp’s new browser push feature gives you the ability to send push content without leaving your email service provider. When you have email and push in the same place, you can more effectively coordinate, track, and optimize your audience outreach.

Even better, PostUp’s browser push opt-in CTAs help publishers grow push audiences faster than default opt-in dialog boxes. With optimized CTAs, you ensure that you get the most out of your browser push efforts.

To learn more about PostUp’s new browser push functionality, check out our quick guide here.

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