Email List Growth Strategies, Part I: Audience Development

Part I: Audience Development: It’s Not Just About List Growth

The most important part of marketing is the audience you’re marketing to. Without their attention, marketers are shouting into the void. It’s because of this that audience development is paramount to email marketing success. But it’s not just about email list growth; it’s also about developing relationships with your email audience. We’ll talk about ways to do both.But first, let’s understand your audience. There are two main kinds of audiences:

  1. Casual Audience: This is anyone exposed to your brand. Maybe they saw your content shared on social media and clicked to read it. Whether they’ve seen your posts or visited your website once or twice, they don’t have any real relationship with you and may forget about you just minutes later. This audience is transient, and their lifetime value (LTV) is very low
  2. Relationship Audience: This is the Casual Audience who has been converted into something more. They seek you out over and over again, and you can reach them directly instead of hoping someone will share your content with them. They come to you for your content, and you deliver it consistently. Over time, they tell their network about you, helping you increase your audience with no effort on your part. Whether you sell a product or make money via ad impressions, they’ll be the first to click.

Both of these kinds of audiences are valuable in different ways, so proper attention must be paid to each. While your Relationship Audience will be worth more for their lifetime value (LTV), there is no Relationship Audience without first having a Casual Audience. The larger the Casual Audience, the more chances you’ll have to convert them into your Relationship Audience.

Developing your Casual Audience is a numbers game; this is where a solid list growth strategy is important. But marketers shouldn’t make the mistake of only going wide and not deep with their list; developing your, well, relationship with your Relationship Audience requires ongoing attention to make the most out of those who have signed up for your email marketing list.

Each audience will need its own strategy. In our next couple of posts, we’re going to discuss audience development strategies for both types of audiences, moving them from casual acquaintance into superfan. Ready to deep-dive into growing your audience (and email revenue)? Go beyond the blog posts and download our free Audience Development Solution Guide now.


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