How Subscriber Preferences Can Improve Your Email Deliverability

As email marketers, we’re reliant on subscriber engagement in order to do our jobs effectively. The stronger the engagement, the better the email deliverability. And the better the deliverability, the stronger the engagement.  However, the question on the minds of many marketers is this: How can we improve our engagement?

There are a number of ways to make your engagement stronger from your subscribers. The most important thing to remember, as a marketer, is that when communicating with a consumer via email, your content has to encourage them to want to open and view the message. If they don’t find the information valuable, this will have a severe impact on engagement. Review the content of your marketing messages, and if it doesn’t seem up to par, refocus your efforts by assembling a content strategy plan.

According to an article from ClickZ, the simplest solution is to just ask your subscribers for their email preferences. The website suggests asking the subscribers on your list to comment on, or select, what kinds of content they’d really like to receive in their inboxes. You can consolidate this process by adding an email preference center. By directly involving your audience in the content process, you’re not only building stronger relationships, but you will also be assisting your deliverability metrics so that your email marketing efforts aren’t being conducted in vain.

By asking for your subscribers’ preferences, you are showing that you care about what your readers want. This improves not only your deliverability, but also the relationship and trust that you gain with your customers. If you maintain use of these best practices, you are sure to foster a lasting relationship with your subscriber base.

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