September’s Best Email Ever! The Content Format Master:

Email Marketing Strategy & Tactics

At PostUp we are really passionate about email, like really, really passionate. We have daily discussions around the office about everything from email tactics and strategies, to design and content. One recent discussion we had was in regards to the amount of content or copy you should include in specific email messages. Obviously – depending on what type of message you’re sending, who your audience is, and what type of content you’re presenting – that answer can vary wildly. Our internal discussion focused on weekly newsletters, and we had a variety of ideas of what we thought was best. As we explain to many clients, there is no magic number when it comes to the amount of content or the amount of words you use. It has much more to do with knowing your audience and delivering relevant content to that audience in a timely manner.

This month’s Best Email Ever! example comes from which builds handcrafted newsletters for “anyone that puts people at the center of their work.” Their assorted audience includes everything from Community Managers and Brand Directors to Creative and Chief Executives from around the world. They’ve adopted a three-tier format which includes short, mid, and long content sections.

It’s a brilliant strategy for their audience. Everyone is going to want to consume his or her content differently. Some are busy and just want to skim. Others have the time and/or may be passionate about the content and want to sit and digest more at once. Whatever you might be looking for, the newsletter probably has something useful that you can take away and implement in real-life scenarios. Their content is handcrafted, to say the least. You can tell someone is carefully selecting articles that are thoughtful, insightful and impactful. The way they tease with headlines and lead-in story copy, it makes me want to click every time.

Personally, I’m a skimmer. Typically I’m in a rush, so I need to digest content quickly. The newsletter is great because its layout is simple and well-designed, making it very easy to jump from section to section. Even their mid and long sections are short and concise. Yes, they may click through to much longer content, but that’s the end goal for most email marketers. Get them to click on your email content, and then have them spend loads of time on your website viewing more and more. does a great job of giving you just enough to want more.

I’ve always said email is the invite, and your website is the party. has a brilliant invite, and should expect to see many more partygoers in their future. I have a feeling this party is going to last awhile… so make sure to stock up on chips and dip,

Corey Duncan

Corey serves as PostUp’s Interactive Creative Director, where he manages and designs all creative development for the Professional Services department. He is responsible for designing, implementing and tracking everything from email, web banners, websites, social media and SMS while adhering to digital marketing best practices.


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