Subject Line Roundup: Father’s Day Edition

Fathers: They mean so much to so many of us. And the day devoted to celebrating them means an opportunity for marketers to show off some great dad-themed email subject lines! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Is Grilling Your Dad’s Superpower? (Eddie Bauer)
  • Dad’s The Man! (LivingSocial)
  • Dad deserves the best & you deserve Free Shipping! (The Vermont Country Store)
  • Father’s Day is around the corner. Save on a Gift Card for Dad. 100% Off Purchase Fees. (American Express)
  • Ace Father’s Day With These Awesome Books (Wordery)
  • Dad’s Day Happy Hour: Save 30% on Bar Essentials. (World Market)
  • Father’s Week Sale! Get 50% Off of MLB.TV Premium (MLB TV)
  • Make Dad’s Day: Savings & gift ideas inside. (PayPal)
  • Father’s Day Exclusive: Your Chance to Win a Milwaukee Drill Kit (Tool Barn)
  • DADS RULE! Give the gift of flight this Father’s Day. (Frontier Airlines)

Why do these work?

  1. Charm: Short and sweet, these subject lines appeal to the classic images of the cool, manly dad.
  2. Something for Dad/Something for you: What’s better than scoring a great gift for Dad? Scoring a deal for yourself at the same time!
  3. Urgency: Letting your recipients know that an event is “around the corner” is a great way to introduce some urgency. These deals need to be snatched up—you don’t want to be caught empty-handed on the big day!
  4. Winning: Clearly, you want your gift for Dad to be the best.
  5. Extending the event: Now it’s a whole week?! Giving your recipients a whole week to get the best deals for Dad is pretty savvy, though. And half off is a very compelling deal indeed.
  6. Help: No idea what to get for Dad? “Gift ideas inside” lets your customers know you’re ready and able to give them a helping hand.
  7. Exclusivity: Not just an “exclusive”, but also a chance to win something. This subject lineticks a couple of boxes to generate opens.
  8. Something different: We love using Father’s Day to sell some travel! “The gift of flight” sounds exotic and totally (wonderfully) over the top.

Need some more inspiration? Stay tuned for more email subject line roundups! And please share your favorite Father’s Day subject lines and dad jokes with us in the comments section.

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