Boost Your Email Marketing List Growth with Facebook

Capitalize on your Facebook Fans!

Growing your email list via Facebook falls into the category of “low hanging fruit”. It is relatively easy and cost effective to set up and maintain. However, you need to have a healthy number of Facebook followers to make this endeavor successful. A good rule of thumb is this: If the number of your Facebook followers is higher than the number of your email subscribers, then you should be capturing email addresses via Facebook.

Email list growth is half technology and half marketing efforts: 

Emails can be collected via Facebook using an application, which basically functions as a web page.  The link to the application will be displayed in the header and on the left-hand side of your Facebook page where you may already have links to photos, Twitter or YouTube. With PostUp, for example, the form passes the emails collected directly to a specified list within our platform. An automated triggered email message can then be sent to the new subscriber welcoming them to the client’s email marketing program.

The other half is the marketing piece. Remember to frequently post messages to your Facebook page encouraging your fans to register for your email program. Customers are usually more inclined to share their email address if they feel they are also getting something in return. Consider offering a discount or coupon if an email address is provided.

Why should I collect email addresses through Facebook?

  • Collecting email addresses on your Facebook page is a great way to measure the success of your social media campaign.  This should supplement, but not replace, your current metrics.
  • Adding a Facebook email collection application is very affordable when compared to the other costs of attaining new email subscribers.
  • Your Facebook fans are among your most engaged customers.  These customers have already shown interest in your brand, so asking them to subscribe to your email program should be far from intrusive.  You can then ask them to share your promotions and offers via the Share to Social feature within the email marketing platform.

Make a good email first impression!

When you begin to capture email subscribers via Facebook, remember to send them a welcome email.  Make the content of the email relevant to where your fans subscribed – Facebook.  Then treat them the same as any other new email subscriber.  Provide them with any and all information they need to best interact with your brand.

While social media is a great tool, it pales in comparison to email when it comes to building relationships with your audience. Once you have a customer’s email address, you have a direct link to them even when they’re not endlessly scrolling their feed. For more ways to grow your email list, download PostUp’s free Audience Development Solution Guide.

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