Case Study

Custom Reporting Case Study

The Project

Our client has gained an incredible following across multiple mediums. As their audience grows, so does their email list. In fact, it’s one of the top drivers of traffic to their websites. However, the client still needed a way to examine how email engagement related to their overall sales. With a data solution in place, they could then properly develop and monetize their audience.

The Results

With the PostUp platform, it is now possible to evaluate the effectiveness of their email program as a whole, by series, and even by message. With Tableau analytics integrated directly into the email platform, custom reports on mailings are available to help make data-backed decisions for increased program revenue.

Not only do they have a clearer picture of their data, they have it faster than ever before. PostUp’s PowerAnalytics solutions save our client five hours per week. That way, they spend less time staring at their data and more time acting on it.

“Our custom reports have allowed us to evaluate how to boost the right engagement, decide what content to advertise, and communicate in a way that directly increases revenue. PostUp’s reporting saves us about 5 hours a week. Previously, we were pulling data manually from PostUp and our analytics platform into our own spreadsheets. Now, we can use those 5 hours to analyze the data and act on it instead of just collecting it.”  — Director of Marketing
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