Solution Guide

Learn how a content wall keeps revenue in, not readers out.

Content Wall Solution Guide

Diversify your revenue and stake your future in publishing with PostUp’s Content Wall.

When publishers can no longer depend solely on ad-driven business models, how can publishers monetize their content? Many publishers have turned to the paywall in pursuit of paid subscription revenue, but money isn’t the only value you can generate by going behind a wall.

PostUp’s Dynamic Content Wall goes one step further by also allowing publishers to leverage email for access to content. When email gives publishers a direct link to the audience, growing the email list can drive audience growth, relationships, and revenue.

Content Wall is the best way to:

  • Provide stable revenue by monetizing readers directly.
  • Align the publisher and editorial sides of your business.
  • Offset the effect of ad blockers on the bottom line by engaging audiences with email.
  • Decrease reliance on traffic from platforms and hedge against Facebook algorithm updates.
  • Take back ownership of your audience.

Optimizing Paywall Strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all paywall strategy. A strict paywall meter might hurt ad revenue, while allowing readers to read too many articles will cut into subscription revenue. To successfully monetize their audiences, publishers must tailor their wall to their audience and content.

PostUp’s flexible content wall solution allows brands to personalize the paywall to their audience, leverage rigorous testing, and make changes to their paywall model on the fly. That way, publishers maximize revenue from both paid subscriptions and advertising.

Audiences demand more quality content than ever, and they’re more willing to pay for it than ever. That’s why it’s the perfect time for publishers to pursue a content wall model.

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