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Scale Your Email Program with PostUp’s Automation Solutions for Publishers

Good email takes time. Or does it?

Every email sent is another opportunity for audience engagement and monetization.

Unfortunately, the resources required to manually curate, create, and deploy newsletters often limit the email output of publishers.

The solution? Email automation.

Automation allows publishers to reap the full benefits of email without having to devote their full schedule to it. That way, publishers can build high-performing email programs at scale.

By automating the busy work of email creation, you’re free to focus on the fun stuff, like content, strategy, and analysis.

Connect with your audience and maximize the value of your email program with automation.

Download PostUp’s Automation Solution Guide for Publishers to see how automation can help publishing & media companies:

  • Save time by eliminating the most tedious parts of email creation;
  • Reduce confusion in your email deployment process;
  • Optimize newsletters for engagement;
  • Eliminate error caused by manual email assembly;
  • And more!

Grab the Automation Solution Guide to start minimizing effort and maximizing revenue.

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