Program Management

Integrate Program Management across your enterprise for improved alignment, visibility, and control.

PowerSteering by Upland gives Program Managers access to a visual program hierarchy which includes financials, schedule information, statuses, and other health and wellness indicators used to enhance business intelligence. This highly configurable capability is a must have for all organizations.

PowerSteering’s adaptable Program Management solution provides a complete snapshot of programs, enabling your Program Managers to plan, manage, and execute programs and portfolios of programs in a manner that best fits the organizations needs. With this latest addition, business leaders gain transparency and visibility into as many sub-levels as necessary in their program with the capability to organize a program by geographies, functions, and more.

Why use PowerSteering’s Program Management today?

  • Visibility into the health and wellness of a program, its subprograms, and projects on a scheduling, financial, or indicator basis through use of our Program Console.
  • Roll up project information to compare with program financials and strategic goals.
  • Enable Program Managers to manage by exception using a consolidated view of projects.
  • Obtain visibility into program risks, whether strategic or tactical.
  • Create program portfolios to increase portfolio management success.

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