PowerSteering Product Tour

Take a Tour of PowerSteering Software

Experience how PowerSteering project portfolio management (PPM) software helps improve results in IT, Business PMOs, M&A, Lean Six Sigma and other project-intensive areas in this engaging product tour.

Discover how PowerSteering PPM combines robust functional and integration capabilities with the cost and speed-to-value benefits of cloud delivery and an unmatched level of flexibility.

Project and Portfolio Management

PowerSteering Project Portfolio Management Software has the right mix of capabilities to help you establish and enforce an effective governance process, align projects with strategy, and analyze your investments so you can drive more portfolio value.

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Program Management

Program Managers can access a visual program hierarchy which includes financials, schedule information, statuses, and other health and wellness indicators used to enhance business intelligence.

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Idea and Demand Management

Demand Management improves the strategic value of project portfolio management (PPM) by capturing, evaluating and prioritizing all proposed projects and work. A consistent and thoughtful Demand Management process ensures that projects and work are aligned with corporate strategy and that the ROI of approved investments is well understood.

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Workflow Manager

Upland’s Workflow Manager effortlessly orchestrates approvals from within PowerSteering. With this latest addition, business leaders can quickly get the approvals they need to push critical initiatives forward.

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PPM Financial Management

Financial tracking related to project and portfolio management is a key strength of PowerSteering. PowerSteering provides robust financial management capabilities to support project -and portfolio- level budgeting and planning.

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Resource Management

In PowerSteering, Project Central provides an integrated workspace for project and resource planning. Using the interactive Gantt chart, Project Managers can adjust the scheduling of projects and tasks, and immediately view the impact on resources in the Team Panel window below, so users can easily see the resource implications of scheduling decisions and identify conflicts – at the individual, role or team level.

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Advanced Timesheet

Upland’s Advanced Timesheet is available with PowerSteering through an integration that gives users access to more options. PowerSteering user and project data can be shared with this advanced option to return detailed timesheet data to PowerSteering.

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Performance Insights At Your Finger Tips

Fully integrated into PowerSteering, Upland Analytics provides easy-to-use, interactive dashboards and reports to deliver automated and accurate real-time performance monitoring with actionable insights that can be shared across the organization. Project Managers to Executives can monitor trends, identify risks, and make timely decisions for the business.

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