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The Future PMO

Learn about the PMO of the future and how to get there.

The Project Management Office (PMO) is changing — or perhaps more accurately, the PMO needs to change. It does not matter whether a PMO to you means a “project management office” or a “program management office.” For the Future PMO, things are never going to be the same again.

In recent years, organizations have embraced the idea of portfolio management to provide a common, strategically aligned approach to project execution — and now they expect the PMO to play a key role in driving that approach forward. That requires the PMO to evolve from a project support function to a vital business leadership function with accountability for leading organizational transformation.
PMO of the future

The PPM capability must reside somewhere within the organization, and in most cases the project management office is the logical choice. That can only happen, however, if the PMO adapts and evolves to support a strategic portfolio, otherwise the organization will shift accountability for the portfolio elsewhere and the PMO will struggle to justify its existence as anything more than a support function.

Organizational and digital transformation are no longer going to be occasional activities. They are going to be the new norm. The speed of technology innovation and the elimination of traditional technology restrictions will allow organizations to shift to a product-driven focus that will impact all areas of the business.

In this white paper, we are going to explore what the “PMO of the future” should look like — and provide some guidance on how to make the transition.



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